Tatiana beumers coaching

Hi, I’m Tatiana! I’m passionate about empowering anxiety-warriors to take their life to the next level and reinvigorate their relationships.

I believe we all have a purpose in life and when you find it, you’ll find true fulfillment and lasting happiness. And I believe in the Power of Positivity and the Law Of Attraction.


I also believe your path has led you here for a reason.


My intuition has led me to find my soul’s purpose and I’m now on a mission to help anxiety-warriors like you reprogram your mindset, regain your strength to follow your passions so you too can live a purposeful life in genuine and CONSISTENT happiness.


I discovered the Law Of Attraction in 2013 and that’s when my mental health, mindset, and attitude transformed completely. Through the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction, I found a love for life I never thought existed!


But it wasn’t always like this.


Due to emotional and unresolved trauma in my childhood, I started struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues at 14 y.o.. For the next 11 YEARS that struggle would continue.


At 25 I hit rock bottom…again. This time I was done fighting.
Something had to change immediately or I was going to give up on life altogether.


That’s when I discovered the Law Of Attraction and the power of positive thinking and I embarked on a self-discovery, self-healing journey.


✔I began devouring self-development, law of attraction and mindset books.
✔I started listening to law of attraction mentors and motivational speakers on a daily basis.
✔If there was an online health or LOA summit, I was present, taking notes and then putting all I’d learned into action.
✔I started my journey to find true, lasting happiness.
✔I began studying the mindset of happy and successful people.
✔I began changing my habits by adopting theirs.


My soul started to awaken. That’s when shifts began to take place and my mindset and my life transformed completely. I got hungry for life, love, and success and I was determined to create my new reality and achieve all that I desired.

Tatiana beumers coaching

Fast forward to today and here I am..

✔ Mentally and emotionally in the best place in life, I’ve ever been.
✔ Living my BEST life.
✔ In a loving and respectful marriage with my soulmate.
✔ Unapologetically me.
✔ Living life with an attitude of gratitude.
✔ Running my own coaching business, after following my passions that led me to my soul’s purpose.


I overcame depression and anxiety in 2013, after 11 YEARS, and I am FREE ever since!

I am living proof that you can CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY, no matter what challenges you have had in your life. Even if you’ve had mental health issues in the past!

We all have a purpose in this life and when you find it, you find lasting happiness and true fulfillment.

Life is not meant to be lived on autopilot. Life is meant to be fun, abundant and full of passion. You can create the reality your heart desires and you DESERVE it.

It’s time you start thriving! And NOW is the best time to take action, so that you can make the REST of your life the BEST of your life.

If your intuitive feeling is telling you to take action then listen to it and let’s connect!

Book your FREE Clarity Call and let’s discuss your desires and what has been holding you back from achieving them.


Let’s get your mindset straight and awaken your soul.

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